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Tank vs Dripper

PRO: Easy to use and Maintain

Tanks are easier to use and maintain. Most tanks consist of 3 general maintenance procedures that take less than a few minutes to complete. Refilling the tank is the first. This takes about 20 seconds and it can get messy if you don't have the right type of bottle. We recommend filling the tank with an eyedropper and dripper or preferrably a thin-tipped bottle that can squeeze in the cracks. The second maintenance procedure is all about Coils. Properly replacing a coil and priming it takes about 3-5 minutes. It only has to be done once every 1-3 weeks depending on your vaping habits, type of juice, and brand/type of tank/coil. The last maintenance procedure is cleaning. We recommend cleaning out your tank everytime you replace the coils, sometimes when you refill juice, and when an abnormal amount of dead skin cells are stuck on the drip tip. A tank is easier to use simply because they are user friendly. All you need to do is refill juice and replace coils when needed. The level of expertise needed for tank usage and maintenance is from beginner to intermediate. Many regulated mods take away most of the danger of anything bad happening as long as you aren't doing anything out of the ordinary.

PRO: Throat hit not as strong sometimes

The throat hit from a tank is much less than that of a dripper sometimes. You could easily vape a 6MG on a tank without coughing too much depending on the flavor. When transferring that same flavor to a dripper, it is much harsher and takes longer to get accustomed to. This can be a pro or a con depending on the person vaping. Some individuals want a stronger throat hit using less nicotine (dripper) while others prefer a smoother throat hit with more nicotine (tank).

PRO: Very convenient while driving or moving activities because tank can hold a lot of e-juice

Have you ever tried dripping and driving? If you have, you understand how difficult and dangerous it can be. It is also an nuisance having both your hands full while driving. A tank can take away this inconvenience by allowing it to hold a predetermined amount of e-liquid inside the chamber.

PRO: Recently and only certain models are able to produce just as much smoke and flavor as dripper

Atlantis V2, Smok TFV4, Crown by Uwell, any of these ring a bell? These are a few of the tanks that are dominating the vaping community for good reason. Recently with the introduction of sub-ohm tanks have allowed for an equal, if not better, vaping experience than drippers. Current sub-ohm tanks paired with the correct coil and mod can easily produce just as much flavor and smoke as a dripper. This is only the beginning since new and improved tanks are coming out regularly.

PRO: Relatively safer than dripper sometimes

Tanks are relatively safer than drippers because they are practically dummy proof and require almost no technical skills to use. Most of the coils sold have an operating wattage range on the side of the box that displays the safe level of use. Stay within the recommended safe operating zone of the ohms of your coil or use 4.2 volts as a good benchmark and everything should function normally. 

CON: Coils have to be replaced every 1-2 weeks depending on model

Relatively speaking, coils are less expensive compared to RDAs, especially if you are transitioning from cigarettes. The average price of a coil can cost anywhere from $2 to $5 each, and usually comes in a pack of 5. An average coil lasting about 2 weeks equate to about $6 a month on coil purchases ($72 a year). There is a way to avoid this cost or at least reduce it significantly. With the introduction of rebuildable coil heads, or RTA's, such as on The Goblin, and TFV4, they allow you to transform a tank into a dripper without dripping.

CON: Throat hit not as strong. Needs more nicotine or higher PG to achieve it

See TANK - PRO #2. They are the same.

CON: Need basic knowledge of different types of e-juice ratio combinations to the type of tank/coils you are running

With basic knowledge means that you understand different types of juices and PG/VG combinations. Common juice ratios are 20 PG/80 VG, 30 PG/70 VG, 40 PG/60 VG. What do these combinations mean? It means that different ratios will equate to different viscosity of liquid. PG is inherently thinner than VG. Another important factor is the flavor of the juice, dessert flavors are typically sweeter and gunk up coils faster, while fruity flavors are thin and light. The reason this matters is that tanks are wicked from the outside to inside. If you have a very thick e-liquid (depending on the tank/coil), it might not wick fast enough and you could get a dry hit or burn out your coil prematurely. You need to know if your tank coil can support thicker juices (e.g. 10 PG/90 VG) like the TFV4.

CON: Some tanks have a large amount of e-juice spitback

If you ever hit a tank or a dripper, you might inhale some unburned juice into your mouth. If your juice has a high nicotine rating, over time it could make you sick. It may also have possible health consequences. Some tanks may cause huge spitback like the Arctic and the Sense Cyclone brand. Some drippers may also cause spitback as well. Do thorough research before making a purchase decision.

CON: Switching juices are not recommended with tank unless using a new coil

Hypothetically, you just vaped your last tank of delicious dessert flavor blend with nothing left. However, yesterday you bought a fruity flavor juice blend. Now you're deciding whether or not to just pour in that new fruity flavor juice blend without changing the coil. Overtime, the flavor of the new juice will overpower the old juice but it will never achieve 100% full flavor. Some vapers prefer not to waste a coil due to a juice change and will just replace the old flavor with the new.


PRO: Coils and Wicking material are extremely cheap if bought in correct quantities from specific locations

A dripper doesn't need premade coils. Instead, they use custom made coils that are handbuilt. Cotton is then placed through the coils for the wicking material. Wire is cheap, 5M-10M of Kanthal is around $5-$10. This can last for years as long as you aren't wasteful or making crazy builds like Clapton or fused Claptons. Cotton is also very cheap. You can buy about 100 pieces online for around $8-$9. One piece can re-wick a dual coil build about 2-3 times. If you re-wick your coils everyday, this amount of cotton can last almost a full year!

PRO: Nicotine and flavor go much further. Throat hit is enhanced and flavors can taste better

Drippers used to be the best way to obtain the strongest flavor profiles. However, Tanks are now on similar levels of flavor production. We believe that RDAs produce more flavor but others may beg to differ. There is something that we can all agree on is that RDAs definitely produce stronger throat hit from nicotine. A 3mg nicotine on a dripper will feel like 6mg nicotine on a tank.

PRO: Larger vapor production if built correctly

Being able to use different types of wire, cotton, etc. They all allow extreme customization for the type of builds you can make. These types of customization allow for larger clouds. Also, drippers usually have larger airflow. Recently, tanks have been able to keep up with vapor production from an RDA. Of course, it depends on which tank you are using.

PRO: Able to change juices easily

Changing juice type is easier on a dripper because all you have to do is burn off the old flavor and then drip on the new flavor. While this doesn't allow for a complete flavor change, it is a lot better and easier than tanks.

PRO: More customizable than tank

RDAs have unlimited capabilities regarding the different ways you can build them. However, Tanks have been able to compete on this as well with the introduction of rebuildable deck coils.

CON: Need intermediate to advanced knowledge of vaping to operate a dripper properly

Drippers (and Tanks) require knowledge of Ohms, Voltage, Watts, Batteries, Amps, and broad knowledge of all wire and cotton varieties available. This steep learning curve may turn some potential drippers away. Others prefer to have vape shops maintain and build their RDAs for them. When in doubt, don't put anything in your mouth that you don't understand. Especially something that can combust or explode.

CON: Constantly having to drip juice onto cotton

Dripping requires both hands. It will be an inconvenience or a distraction if one hand is occupied with other tasks (e.g. driving, texting, etc.)

CON: Dry hits happen occasionally

We all have experienced a dry hit at one point or another. They are extremely unpleasant. It can be compared to inhaling smoke inside a room full of burning paper. Essentially, a dry hit happens when you run out of juice on your cotton and you wind up smoking burning cotton. This occurs more frequently with Drippers than Tanks. You will minimize the occurrence with experience over time.

CON: Constantly having to upkeep, clean, rebuild and re-cotton

Over time your coils and cotton will get gunked up and appearing like burnt tar. You can clean the coils simply by taking off the cotton and burning it off (use caution!). Drippers can also get messy because you are dripping juice everywhere. It will get on your hands, clothes and mod. This constant upkeep can get annoying and time intrusive compared to just replacing a coil and juicing up in a tank.

CON: Throat hit is very strong and nicotine is amplified. 3mg on dripper feels like 6mg on tank


CON: Can be very dangerous if you don't know what you are doing

If you choose to build your own coils then make sure you know what you are doing. For starters, you need an Ohm meter or a mod that can read Ohms. If you don't know what Ohms are, put down that wick and wire and go read up on it. If you build your coils at a low ohm and attempt to fire it up with a low amp rating battery or set the wattage incorrectly, you are putting everyone around you at risk. Battery venting and explosions are all possible and the dangers are magnified even greater with a mechanical mod.


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