Introduction To Tobacco Types and Styles: Part 4

In the world of tobacco there is an old adage that goes, “A cigarette is to be smoked, a cigar is to be enjoyed, and a pipe is to be savored.” Among the different classes of tobaccos, pipe tobacco is the one with the most characteristic and distinguishable flavors. It can be argued that vapers are more similar to pipe-smokers than any other types of smokers, as vapers are very concerned with delicate subtleties in flavor and tend to savor their e liquids much like pipe-smokers savor their tobacco.

There are two distinct styles of pipe tobacco, Aromatic and Non-Aromatic.

Aromatic-style pipe tobaccos are what most Americans are used to when they smoke or even smell pipe tobacco. Most Americans would be able to discern the smell of a sweet cavendish and that is the flavor profile they mostly associate with pipe tobacco. Cavendish (American-Style) is a process of further curing of either virginia or burley tobacco in order to bring out its sweetness. It also involves the adding of natural flavoring, known as flavor casing, with flavors such as vanilla, liquor, molasses cherry etc. The flavor casing recipes of Aromatic pipe tobacco are some of tobacco companies’ most guarded secrets. The traditional flavor of our Blackbeard, for example, contains some of the most sought-after taste in the tobacco world, as it is the extracted from the best- selling pipe tobacco of all time. Truebacco’s Aromatic Pipe lineup consists of Blackbeard, Now and Forever, VBC, Sakura and General Jackson.

Non-Aromatic pipe tobacco consists of flavorful blends of tobacco in which the flavor of the tobacco elements speaks for itself. No other flavor is added. Blends of this variety generally use flavorful traditional tobaccos such as hearty and mature virginias, top quality burleys and delicate orientals. They also commonly include the addition of condiment tobaccos such as latakia or perique to spice up the blend and add flavor-depth. Blends with latakia are known as English-Style or Balkan-Style type blends as these blends were first popular in these regions. For example, The British company Dunhill is probably the best-known manufacturer of these tobaccos, popular for their name-brand English Blends. Truebacco’s Non-Aromatic lineup consists of Latakia, Balkan Bliss and the perique blend Drunken Sailor.