Introduction To Tobacco Types and Styles: Part 2

Cigarette tobacco refers to a blend of various tobaccos (with no added flavor) usually shag-cut or fine ribbon, so it can be filled into a cigarette tube. Classic American brands of cigarettes chiefly use flue-cured golden-colored Virginia tobacco along with air-cured burley. Some brands like Camel add some lighter colored Turkish tobacco. The quality of the tobaccos used, vary between brands. However, there is a general consensus that the tobacco that comes in the classic brands’ roll-your-own pouches like Drum or Bali Shag is better quality tobacco that tastes arguably better and more authentic, whereas big name cigarette companies use chemical additives to improve taste.

Truebacco uses the roll-your-own quality tobacco that comes in either fine shag-cut form or ribbon-cut that is generally made for a pipe (but can be stuffed in a cigarette). Since we extract the tobacco it makes very little difference how it is cut. We offer several different types cigarette tobacco.

Generally, the classic American tobacco blend, whether for a pipe or a cigarette, is a mix of Virginia and regular air-cured Burley. Sometimes other tobaccos are added.

Leaf Erikson is a classic American cigarette blend of Virginia and Burley tobacco, with addition of some Turkish tobacco. This blend is akin to the blend in traditional camels.

Amsterdam Classic uses a tobacco that’s not found in mass-produced cigarettes generally in the U.S., but is extremely popular in the roll your own variety. This is a Halfzware tobacco, a mix of Virginia tobacco and Dark-Fired Kentucky Burley tobacco.

Bosporus is a blend of both Sun-Cured Turkish tobacco and Virginia tobacco. This blend is similar to the discontinued “Turkish Select” variety of Camel cigarettes, which contain far more Turkish tobacco than their traditional cigarettes.

Our New Amsterdam uses the same tobacco extract as our Amsterdam Classic infused with the perfect amount of Natural Menthol.

Our Bali Spice uses the same tobacco extract as our Amsterdam Classic infused with our own natural clove extract.