Introduction To Tobacco Types and Styles: Part 1

As a former smoker, I thought I knew a lot about tobacco. Then I quit and started vaping NET’s. After tasting Truebacco’s various blends, I discovered how little I knew about tobacco.

Sure, Marlboros tasted good to me but was I really able to savor the true tobacco taste? And was I really diving in the world of tobaccos by smoking mass-produced cigarettes? Likely, if you are vaping you are looking to replace smoking tobacco. If you used to smoke tobacco, often you’ve developed a taste for it itself. You may not have taken up pipes or cigars and stuck with plain ol’ cigarettes.

If you continue vaping tobacco, however, likely you still like to mix up your flavors, as is the vaping experience, and still want to venture out into the world of pipe or cigar tobaccos as well as cigarette styles. In turn, you may accidentally become more of a tobacco aficionado. At Truebacco, we have chiefly 4 categories of tobacco e liquid: cigarettes, cigar, aromatic pipe and non-aromatic pipe. It is important to note that Aromatic Pipe tobacco is a tobacco that has some flavoring. Non-aromatic Pipe tobacco is a tobacco style meant for a pipe but with no flavoring. This includes Latakia and English/Balkan Blends (Latakia and Balkan Bliss) and Virginia/Perique blends (I.e. Drunken Sailor).

However cigarette-style blends can also be considered a non-aromatic pipe tobacco, since cigarette tobaccos generally can also be enjoyed in a pipe and they are not flavored. Many cigarette smokers may especially like Drunken Sailor, for its tasty Virginia tobacco and many English-blend pipe smokers may especially enjoy Amsterdam Classic for its smoky Kentucky taste.