Stop Smoking Start Vaping

HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS: When you smoke you are burning tobacco in an oxygen deficient situation, under these conditions the following reactions occur that do not occur while vaping.

  • Formation of carbon monoxide that hinders the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood by binding strongly with hemoglobin. This causes the body to produce extra red blood cells. The consequence is an increased number of vascular incidents, such as heart attacks and strokes. Besides, you are suffering of oxygen shortage at cellular levels with many deleterious consequences if you are a heavy smoker.
  • Formation of carbon particulate (smoke) that harms the lungs. This is similar to the situation of coal miners and it may cause emphysema or other types of COPD.
  • Formation of tars containing carcinogenic polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons.
  • Formation of tobacco smoke contains selenium dioxide, a poison and very likely carcinogen, that happens from combustion of selenium compounds contained in tobacco.

SOCIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Tobacco smoke is offensive to non-smokers whereas the fog generated by vaping is not.

  • Secondary smoke exposure is extremely harmful to your children and cause them to develop asthma and many other ailments. Not so for secondary vape exposure.
  • Now it is not allowed to smoke at work and in most public places while vaping in moderation is acceptable.

ECONOMIC CONSIDERATION: The average vaper spends less money vaping products than the average smoker does on cigarettes. Vaping is generally cheaper than smoking even if you use top-quality all natural tobacco extracts as supplied by Truebacco which uses the finest tobaccos and blends. No artificial chemicals are added.