Ways To Clean Your Pre-built Tank Atomizer

For many who use pre-built tank coils, switching flavors and keeping your e-liquids tasting great can be a little challenging, as you do not have the ability to rewick.

Here are some ways to clean your atomizer to be able to reuse it for prolonged periods.

The most basic way is to let it run in warm water under good pressure for about 5 minutes. Hold it so that the top opening receives the running water and it drains through the bottom of the atomizer. After this point, you can either continue to let it soak in water, let it dry right away, or follow up with a different solution.

If you would like to stop here, let it dry on a paper towel, top down, for a few hours, then put it back in your tank, prime it with e-liquid and fill your tank. You may need to take several hits until it stops producing any water vapor, but that is fine.

You can also clean it further by soaking in alcohol, either grain or isopropyl to remove residues that the water didn't remove. It is recommended to rinse it out thoroughly with running warm water like you did in the first step, before drying and using.

You can also choose to soak in vinegar too. And of course be sure to rinse thoroughly before drying and priming.

It is recommended that you have at least another atomizer you can use while you're running the cleanings. Thus, you can very easily cycle between cleaning and using your atomizer.

After these steps, your "atty" should be tasting like new and you should be able to enjoy our Truebacco flavors without any flavors from your other incompatible e-liquids.