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5-Pack 15 mL

5-Pack 15 mL

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5-Pack 15 mL: Select 5 Blends. Balkan Bliss, Rio Carnival, Grand Habano, Maduro, Amazon Fog, Amsterdam Classic, Sakura, Leaf Erikson, Copacubana, Bosporus, General Jackson, Drunken Sailor, Blackbeard, VBC, Now and Forever, Latakia, New Amsterdam, Bali Spice. Naturally Extracted Tobacco (N.E.T.) Vaping Liquid.

PG/VG RatioElectronic Cigarette TypeAdditional Information
20 PG/80 VGDRIPPERMore info
50 PG/50 VGTANKMore info
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Additional Information

Additional Information

Style Cigar e-Liquid, Cigarette e-Liquid, Pipe e-Liquid
Blend No
Type Aromatic, Non-Aromatic
Color No
Manufacturer Truebacco
Discount Code No
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